Working with Ryan has really enhanced the clarity and confidence our clients have when buying a strata property. Recommend!

Glen Kakoske, Realtor

Ryan was very helpful and informative. I have never owned a condo and had just moved to BC. He reviewed all of the strata documents for me and discovered information that I would never of caught. He also got me to ask the right questions to the strata management team for additional information. His report and experience allowed me to make an informed decision and back out of a high risk investment. Highly recommended!

Suzanne Rivard, Purchaser

Having Condo Clear review documents has become an integral part of the service I offer my strata clients. They are fast, professional, friendly, and very knowledgeable. I would recommend Condo Clear to anyone thinking of purchasing a strata property.

Christine Ryan, Victoria – Realtor

The world of Strata and the rules around it are often quite confusing and difficult to navigate through. I have to say that my experience and relationship with Ryan over the years have been nothing short of extraordinary. Ryan helps bring clarity to us – the strata council and owners – in understanding the rules and regulations.

There is high value in the experience that Ryan brings to the table. Without reservation, I would recommend Ryan’s services to anyone that lives within a strata type of environment – as the information and services provided help potential owners make informed decisions.

A. Dagan, Former Council President

Ryan provides plain language explanations to help guide and support the often-complex and difficult decisions that a strata council must make. During my term on council I greatly appreciated his knowledge and experience with a wide range of issues. His professionalism as our Strata Agent was essential to maintaining effective operations, and his personable nature helped to build positive relations across our community.

Judy C., Strata Council Member