Strata Tip : Review the AGM/SGM Notice Packages, not just the Minutes

Review the AGM/SGM Notice Packages, not just the Minutes

One pushback we often get when requesting all the strata documents is when we ask for the AGM/SGM notice packages. We’ve even had instances where we’ve been told the notices don’t exist, but since owners have to be notified of any general meetings, not giving proper notice would invalidate those meetings. Funny enough, the notice packages usually show up when we bring up this point.

While the AGM/SGM minutes tell us what happened at the meetings, it’s also important to review the notice packages, as they often contain important information that is not included anywhere else.

Some examples of things we look for in the notice packages (if available) include:

  • The date of each notice package (a late notice could invalidate the meeting)
  • President’s and Treasurer’s reports
  • Contracts and quotes
  • The full wording of resolutions and associated documents (such as draft bylaw packages)
  • Payment due dates for special levy resolutions
  • Mentions of any large upcoming projects or legal issues

Next week we’ll look at alterations within strata units, as reported on the Form B. If you have any suggestions for other topics you’d like us to cover, please let us know at [email protected].

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